Waterfall, a new Stable & Smart DeFi Token on #Fantom Network
Waterfall, a new Stable & Smart DeFi Token on Fantom Network which helps investors to protect their funds as we provide a transparent environment so that users can use our services worry-free and helps to bring in stable passive income by staking! Our main focus is to deliver a safe, stable farm with a strong and active community!
Besides the buyback burning mechanism introduced by Goose Finance, we have implemented some unique innovative features on Waterfall’s yield farm to fight against the inflation problem faced by most traditional yield farms and even Goose Finance.
Why are we THE BEST?
Transfer Tax (None on Farming) 5%
100% LP locked
Dividend pools
Wolf Vaults (more)
Paladin Audit (more)
KYC (doxxing)
Vulcano day (more)
For Auto-Liquidity 4%
🥳Discord Server is LIVE!🥳
Last modified 3mo ago
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